The People of Bike America Tours 1997


David Blair, the driving force behind Bike America Tours:
David Blair

Chuck Blair, David's father, driver of the "Chuckwagon," and second master to Kiko:
Chuck Blair

Joanne Blair, David's mother, and key member of the staff for all but two weeks of the trip:
Joanne Blair

Aaron Huether, camera shy, and a member of the BAT staff from week three on:
Aaron Huether

Kelly (last name unknown at press time), also camera shy, and also a member of the BAT staff from week three on:

Cross-country Riders

Mark Bazerman, after his major haircut in Illinois (42, Ontario, Canada):
Mark Bazerman

Rob Christian (23, North Carolina):
Rob Christian

Brian Holsenbeck (34, Texas):
Brian Holsenbeck

Deb Klein (42, Michigan):
Deb Klein

Win Westervelt (36, Alaska):
Win Westervelt

Mike Weston (36, California):
Mike Weston

Sandra White (23, South Africa):
Sandra White

Other Riders

Tsung-Pao Chien (weeks 6 and 7):
Tsung-Pao Chien

Ken Iobst (cross-country for Bike America Tours 1996, last days for 1997):
Ken Iobst

Craig Short (week 7):
Craig Short

David Wallace (weeks 5 through 7):
David Wallace