May 31, 1997

Gillette, WY to Gillette, WY
0 miles

"Is the whole trail uphill?" [unknown tourist at Devil's Tower]
"No, it's rolling." [Mike Weston, in response, repeating David Blair's most frequent description of ride terrain]

Today was the rest day following week 3, the biggest part of which was spent in a field trip to Devil's Tower (which you may recognize from Close Encounters of the Third Kind). We also searched for PowerBars, finding some at Alberson's for 99 cents each, where Mark Bazerman also found some Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

The sign describing Devil's Tower:

From a distance:
From a distance

Getting closer:

Prarie dogs (and prarie puppies, I guess you'd call them) in the vicinity:
Prarie dogs

I think there were rock climbers in this shot, but I'm not sure where they are:

This is more representative of the view of the tower along the hike:
Through the trees

And one final shot for good measure:
Do not underestimate the power of the smooth side