May 30, 1997

Sheridan, WY to Gillette, WY
112 miles

"The poor deer probably never even saw the bunny coming." [Mark Bazerman, observing both deer and rabbit road kill at the same place]

We combined the 42 mile Sheridan to Buffalo and 100 mile Buffalo to Gillette days into a single day, cutting 30 miles off the total, but leaving us with a long and (as it turns out) hot day. But the route along highway 14 was quite pleasant, with very little traffic, generally good pavement, and mostly gently rolling terrain with a few longer climbs. Some people had an early meal in Clearmont at the Red Arrow Cafe just after 11am, and everyone stopped at the Spotted Horse where the proprietess was forced to sell some Fudgesicles(tm) that she had originally purchased for herself.

Early in the ride, with views of the Bighorns that we climbed on Wednesday:
Early #1

Early #2

Early #3

Some of the pavement here is red - we don't know why (this is Win Westervelt):
Red pavement

The outside of the Spotted Horse:
Spotted Horse exterior

Mark Bazerman finishes his ice cream, sitting in a dentist chair in the Spotted Horse:
Mark at the Spotted Horse

More of the Spotted Horse interior, including an old bicycle (Sandra White and Mark Bazerman):
More interior

Everyone outside the Spotted Horse (Win Westervelt, Mike Weston, Rob Christian, Sandra White, Amber, Mark Bazerman, Deb Klein, and Bobbi Epperly):
People outside the Spotted Horse

A Devil's Tower wannabe just outside Gillette (it looked more convincing from another angle):