May 29, 1997

Sheridan, WY to Sheridan, WY
0 miles

Today was an unplanned but welcome rest day, since a few people (myself included) had minor colds. I had checked into the Best Western, so I had very little contact with the rest of the group today.

I had lunch at a wonderful Italian place called the Ciao Bistro, on Main Street here in Sheridan. It seemed out of place for Wyoming, which is what I was looking for. I had the daily pasta special, which was clams and vermicelli, with a salad to start and dessert to finish. I also chatted with someone named Clay at another table who turned out to be a local bicycle racer (and attorney, I found out later, which explains the tie).

I saw the early showing of Lost World, apparently making me the last person in the universe to see it. I didn't think it measured up to Jurassic Park, but I think I may be in the minority there.

So what to do for dinner? I decided to return to Ciao, since I wasn't sure when I'd find another restaurant like it. I had the polenta appetizer (with portabello mushrooms), a cup of wild rice and mushroom soup, and the salmon entree, plus a couple of glasses of Chianti. Afterwards I met the proprietor and chef, Matt Wallop, who said he'd check out the web site. He was also complaining about an overpriced house selling for $165,000, for which I could offer no sympathy.

Here is Sheridan's Main Street:

Here is an old (looking, anyway) J.C. Penney:
J.C. Penney

The exterior of Ciao is fairly easy to miss (but it's at 120 N. Main Street and the phone number is 307/672-2838, in case you'll be in Sheridan):
Ciao exterior

Here is the interior, with Matt on the right, my waitress on the left (whose name I missed), and Matt's "favorite customer" in the middle:
Ciao interior