May 28, 1997

Five Springs, WY to Sheridan, WY
78 miles

"Brrrrrr!" [Mike Weston and Mark Bazerman, simultaneously and unrehearsed, during the descent]

Today was advertised as the hardest single day of the entire trip. We started with what by one estimate was 10 miles averaging a 10% grade, although with a couple of intermediate descents/flats it seemed slightly easier than that. The downhill after the highest point was quite rapid for over 8 miles, and there was really only one climb of any signifiance for the next 40 miles or so. It was a great day.

Tomorrow is a very short day, so we're sleeping in.

Looking back, about 45 minutes into the big climb:
Looking back down

Mark Bazerman taking a picture:
Mark taking a picture

Looking down from about the same point, which turned out to be a false summit:
False summit

After the continuous climb was over, we entered some rolling hills and much more snow and cold (I think this is Deb Klein):
Rolling snowy hills

The snow along the road was quite high in places (Mike Weston):
Wall of snow

Deb Klein, Mark Bazerman, and Mike Weston reach the highest point of the Bike America Tours trip:
Highest point

Looking back as we descend (probably Deb):
Looking back during descent

We have lunch at Burgess Junction, elevation 8300' (clockwise from left, Joanne Blair, David Blair, Win Westervelt, Amber (Bobbi's friend from Juneau, AK), Bobbi Epperly, Brian Holsenbeck, and Sandra White):
Lunch #1

Another angle at lunch (Chuck Blair and Rob Christian at the counter):
Lunch #2

A lake with a fair amount of ice still unmelted:
Icy lake

Not that I've ever been there, but for some reason this shot reminded me of Scotland:

Looking back up at the road we have descended:
Looking back some more

Looking out at eastern Wyoming (this lookout also had a bunch of tourists, possibly from Germany):
Eastern Wyoming

The descent is about over:
End of descent

That's over 5500' of descent from our highest point today:

And here is my heart rate (in blue) and speed (in green) graph for the day - through about 2 hours and 15 minutes was the main climb, with a little more climbing until we reached the highest point a little after 2:30, followed by mostly downhill (up to 44mph) until lunch - after lunch we had some rolling hills and climbing, and then mostly downhill until a break in Dayton (a little over 6 hours total) - then I tried to keep up with Rob Christian for a while, pushing my heart rate slightly higher than it was during the main climb:
Heart rate graph