May 27, 1997

Cody, WY to Five Springs, WY
71 miles

"This sucks." [Brian Holsenbeck, regarding the 8% or so climb to Five Springs Campground]

Today's route together with tomorrow's takes us from Cody to Sheridan, over the Big Horn Mountains, the highest point of the entire trip. Today's portion of this route was relatively easy except for the last few miles of climb, which probably ranged between 5 and 10% grades. But the anticipation of tomorrow occupied us all day.

The day started cold, but the afternoon was fairly warm. We said goodbye to Mark Schmick and we had some wonderful homemade enchiladas for lunch.

We sang a song to Mark Schmick, since today was his last day:
Mark Schmick serenade

Early morning was cold and cloudy (Mark Bazerman taking a picture near the right):
Leaving Cody

This could all be yours (that's a Century 21 sign):
Century 21

Scene from the picnic in Byron:
Picnic #1

Joanne Blair, Don Bell (David Blair's father-in-law), Chuck Blair, and (in the shadows) David Douglas Blair at the picnic:
Picnic #2

Elvira Bell and Bernie Blair (David's mother-in-law and wife) - Elvira provided wonderful enchiladas and refried beans for all, and it was her birthday:
Picnic #3

We approach the Bighorn Mountains (that's Brian in yellow):
Steep grades 20 miles ahead

We continue to approach the Bighorns:
Bighorns approach

The gang as we start the climb (Sandra White, Win Westervelt, Rob Christian, Deb Klein, Mark Bazerman, Mike Weston, and Brian Holsenbeck):
The gang

We start to see the steep roads ahead (hard to make out unless you know what to look for):
Steep roads ahead

Looking back to where we came up from:
Looking back

Things ahead become clearer:
Getting closer

Mark Bazerman surveys tomorrow's climb:
Tomorrow's climb

The view from very near our campsite:

Chuck, Joanne, David, and Brian around the campfire (part of what you see in the previous picture is washed out near the top of this one):
Around the campfire