May 26, 1997

Mammoth, WY to Cody, WY
50 miles

"There's a grizzly bear about 30 feet off the road about 3 miles out." [unknown]

Today we left Yellowstone, getting shuttled about 70 miles to the east entrance from where we rode to Cody, WY. As we were getting ready to start riding we got the information above about a grizzly bear, which when added to 8 miles of dirt and gravel road construction should have slowed us down. Yet none of the 10 riders (Bobbi Epperly and her friend Amber join us for this week) opted for a van shuttle. And we never did see the bear we were warned about.

Today was our fastest ride yet in terms of average speed, since we had a tailwind most of the way. I averaged 18.4mph for the 50 miles, whereas I have only averaged over 16mph on one other day.

A bison blocks our path on our way out of Yellowstone (Joann Blair and Bobbi Epperly in the front seat):
Bison blocks the road

The crowds watch a grizzly bear, also as we leave the park (the bear was too far away to get without a telephoto lens):
Grizzly crowds

Three pictures as we go down what Teddy Roosevelt apparently called the prettiest 50 miles of highway anywhere:
Highway 14 #1

Highway 14 #2

Highway 14 #3

Another picture, this time at a memorial to firefighters who lost their lives in a fire in 1937:

Two pictures (left and right) at a place I believe is called the Holy City:
Holy City (left)

Holy City (right)

A picture looking down the Buffalo Bill Dam, which was quite impressive especially since it was built from 1905-1910:
Buffalo Bill Dam

Tent city in Cody, with Pizza Hut and Super 8 Motel in the background:
Tent city

[This day and the previous day's pictures and text uploaded thanks to the Ponderosa Campground in Cody, WY, 307/587-9203.]