May 24, 1997

Mammoth, WY to Mammoth, WY
0 miles

"Don't let them take your pickle." [Mike Weston to Connie Kleinjans]

Today was a rest day during which we spent over 8 hours sightseeing around Yellowstone. Most were in the Bike America Tours van (aka "The Chuck Wagon"), but Mark Bazerman and Brian Holsenbeck joined Connie (my girlfriend) and me in Connie's two-door rental car. Besides the geothermal sights captured in pictures below, we also saw elk, bison, and one grizzly bear, as well as a few snowflakes.

Afterwards we all went out for Pizza at the K-bar in Gardiner, joined by a couple of alums of last year's tour (Adam and Ken) and other family and friends.

Roaring Mountain:
Roaring Mountain

Echinus Geyser (Norris geyser basin):
Sue Nike (backwards)

Red Spouter (Fountain Paint Pot area):
Red Spouter

Old Faithful (two pictures):
Old Faithful #1

Old Faithful #2

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Lower Falls (309 feet high):
Lower Falls

[This day and the previous day's pictures and text uploaded thanks to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.]