May 23, 1997

Bozeman, MT to Mammoth, WY
88 miles

"Are you still an agnostic?" [Mark Bazerman]
"I put my faith in my Profile bars." [Mark Schmick, in reply]

This was the short day for the week, and turned out to be the toughest. The difficulty was not due to the climb over Bozeman Pass, which was easier than expected. Instead, it was due to killer headwinds through the Paradise valley along highway 89. This is why Mark Schmick put his faith in his aero bars, because it was the only way to make any decent progress against the wind. I found myself working very close to as hard as when we crossed the Continental Divide, only for a much longer period of time. This sign sums up the afternoon:
Sign for the day

But eventually we all made it to Gardiner for pictures by the Yellowstone entrance and a shuttle into the park itself.

Early morning near Bozeman:
Morning near Bozeman

Inside the Bozeman Food Co-op, where one can find baked tofu and many other delicacies:
Bozeman Food Co-op

Along highway 90 to Livingston:
The road to Livingston

Three pictures along highway 89 (could be pasted together if one were so inclined):
Panorama left

Panorama middle

Panorama right

Rapids next to highway 89:

Another excuse to stop along highway 89:
Along highway 89

Deb, Mark B., and Mike at the Yellowstone north entrance arch:
We made it!

Deb, David Blair, and Mark B. at the arch:
The arch

We cross the 45th parallel and enter Wyoming:
45th parallel

Leaving Montana