May 20, 1997

Kalispell, MT to Seeley Lake, MT
91 miles

"This is like riding in some third world country." [Rob Christian, after riding 4 miles of very rough dirt/rock road in a construction zone, near the beginning of today's ride]

Today we got our first rain: a few minutes as the last few people were packing up tents. We also got the sad news that Mark Schmick will be leaving the trip after this week, since the demands of the book he is writing proved incompatible with riding so many miles per day.

Tomorrow we cross the Continental Divide.

These are the mountains that we would have ridden into if we continued east from Kalispell. So we headed south:
Mountains near Kalispell

Here Rob Christian and Mark Bazerman complete the second section of dirt, which was much better than the first one:
Dirt section

Miscellaneous mountains (Mission Range, I'm told):
Mission Range

Two pictures of Swan Lake:
Swan Lake #1

Swan Lake #2

Lunch in Condon, MT (Mark S., David, Brian, Rob, Sandra, Mark B., Deb):
Lunch in Condon, MT

Two pictures that could be merged together side by side if you were so inclined:
Panorama left

Panorama right

Tent city at Seeley Lake:
Tent city

View of Seeley Lake from near the campsite (bad time of day for photographs, unfortunately):
Seeley Lake

[Today's and yesterday's photos uploaded thanks to The Tamaracks Resort (click on Lodging) at Seeley Lake, MT.]