May 19, 1997

Libby, MT to Kalispell, MT
93 miles

Today for some reason many of us, me included, felt better than we did the day before. The morning was cold and I ended up wearing both arm and leg warmers for about half the ride. We said goodbye to highway 2, although we were on it for essentially the entire ride today.

One section of the road was really rough: "Cobblestones would have been preferable." [Mark Bazerman]

Here are two pictures which could be pasted together if one were so inclined:
Panorama left

Panorama right

Another scene along highway 2:
Highway 2

More ostriches, closer than they were the other day:

We say goodbye to highway 2 today (as Mark Bazerman rides by):
Goodbye to highway 2

Some cows grazing:

What may or may not be a flooded field (can you make out the fence and telephone pole?), or maybe it's an intentional area for wildfowl:

Entering Kalispell (about 4 miles out):
Entering Kalispell