May 18, 1997

Sandpoint, ID to Libby, MT
99 miles

"Things are not as they appear." [Mark Bazerman]

We shuttled out from the Bottle Bay Resort to highway 95, which wasn't cheating because we had already ridden to that point. Some shuttled out around 7, and the rest (including me) a little after 8am. We had headwinds on 200 until we got to our lunch stop at the Boar's Breath Bar. Sadly, the mascot from last year is no longer with us (see below). I also determined that eaing fried food (fish) at lunch is a bad idea. Then we headed north on 56, where the hills felt uphill even when they looked downhill. Finally we turned east on our favorite road, highway 2, for the final 15 miles into Libby.

Along highway 200:
Along highway 200

More along highway 200:
Along highway 200 #2

Leaving Idaho:
Leaving Idaho

Daytime limit: Reasonable and prudent (probably illegible):
Daytime limit: Reasonable and prudent

More along highway 200, possibly the Bull River:
Along highway 200 #3

The mascot of the Boar's Breath Bar has sadly passed away since last year's group went through:
Suds, R.I.P.

Here we are just after turning north on highway 56 (Mark Bazerman is taking a picture):
Along highway 56

And here is a picture back on highway 2, heading into Libby:
Highway 2