May 17, 1997

Sandpoint, ID to Sandpoint, ID
0 miles

Today we rested, more or less. It was a day for laundry and seeing old cars at Sandpoint's Lost in the 50's festival. In the evening we all dined at the restaurant at the Bottle Bay Resort, where we are staying.

Tomorrow we ride the frst century of the trip.

Here's Mark Schmick (face and hand only), Mark Bazerman, David Blair, Rob Christian (standing), and Brian Holsenbeck in the living room of our cabin here at Bottle Bay:
Living room

Here is Sandra White and David in the kitchen:

Here is the cabin from down near the lake:

Here's a view of the lake from the same vantage point:
View of lake

Brian (left) mails his postcards from the Sandpoint Post Office:
Brian mailing

Here is the Sandpoint Lost in the 50's festival:
Lost in the 50's #1

Lost in the 50's #2