May 15, 1997

Davenport, WA to Deer Park, WA
62 miles

Today we left highway 2 for the first time since we left Everett. We had several turns to make, mostly on roads whose names we did not know in advance, so we rode together more than usual, but just in case the van or the Jeep was there at most of the turns. Except than Win Westervelt started out real early, and took a whole different route than we did.

We also left the relatively flat open spaces for some good (and steep) hills and trees. Mark Schmick broke a second spoke, and is having his wheel rebuilt in a nearby bike shop as I write this.

[Bigger pictures than usual today...]

Farm land along highway 2:
Farmland along highway 2

More farm land, start of the trees in the distance:
Start of trees

High water on the Spokane River:
High river

Dam, a little downstream:
Dam #1

More dam:
Dam #2

More farm land:
Farm land

Ostriches, if you can make them out:

A Cherokee medicine man talked to several people until "late" (10pm):
Medicine man