May 14, 1997

Coulee City, WA to Davenport, WA
61 miles

Today was expected to be relatively flat and short. There turned out to be a light to medium headwind most of the day, making it tough to gain any speed. The area we cycled through was basically all agricultural, with a few towns sprinkled in.

Here is an elevated sprinkler from early in the ride:

Here is a plane landing at the Wilbur Airport. I think it is a crop duster since we saw a similar plane doing that not long afterwards:
Plane landing

Here is Billy Burgers in Wilbur, where I stopped for a pre-lunch ice cream cone:
Billy Burgers

And here is the interior of the Cresport Deli, a deli/coffee place in Davenport. The woman behind the counter has been signed up (presumably by Microsoft, boo, hiss) to sell WebTV's:
Cresport Deli

Mark Schmick took a wrong turn early in the day, and ended up being the only one in the group to see the Grand Coulee Dam. I'll add a picture (he also has a digital camera) when he gives it to me.

[These pictures uploaded courtesy of the Black Bear Motel in Davenport, 509/725-7700.]