May 12, 1997

Skykomish, WA to Leavenworth, WA
53 miles

The second day promised to start out with a big climb up over Stevens Pass at 4061 feet, a climb of about 3000 feet from our starting point. But that was spread out over 16 miles, so granny gears turned out to be unnecessary. The initial descent after that was quite chilly, since there was quite a bit of snow on the sides of the road.

The rest of the day was mostly downhill, with a little bit of rolling. We followed the Wenatchee River for a good part of the way, which had some pretty trecherous looking rapids.

Here are three pictures of the campsite in Skykomish from the morning. In the first you can see people drying their tents in the sun (from dew, not rain). In the second you can see the covered area, which actually had live electric outlets. And in the third you can see the river in the background:
Skykomish campsite #1

Skykomish campsite #2

Skykomish campsite #3

Here is a shot along the climb up to Steven's Pass:
Road to Stevens Pass

Here is the top of Steven's Pass, showing how deep the snow was alongside the road:
Top of Stevens Pass

Here are two pictures from the same spot along the Wenatchee River:
Wenatchee #1

Wenatchee #2

And finally, here is a picture of the "historic Tumwater Dam:"
Tumwater Dam

The plan is to upload today and yesterday's pages from the office of the KOA we are staying at here in Leavenworth. My thanks in advance to them.