May 11, 1997

Everett, WA to Skykomish, WA
52 miles

The trip begins, after months of anticipation. We pedal away from the Days Inn in Everett, turn left on highway 2, and start heading east with a little more Mother's Day traffic than we would have liked, but with good shoulders. Mark Bazerman and Rob Christian seem to be the fastest, at least today, causing me to push harder than I had planned to keep them in sight. The weather was very warm, threatening records.

We finished the day fairly early in Skyomish, camping in a city park that we would never have found on our own. There are no phone lines to be had, so I'm not sure when this will get posted.

Here is the group getting everything ready in the morning:
Getting ready

The obligatory group shot before we started:
Group shot

Roadside scenery:

Also at the same rest stop:

Three pictures near or on a bridge over the Skykomish river:
River #1

River #2

River #3