June 7, 1997

Niobrara, NE to Niobrara, NE
0 miles

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Today was a rest day when we didn't do much. I got my laundry done and ran into the rest of the group as they finished lunch at the Country Cafe (good milkshakes). Mark Bazerman and I looked around town some more and confirmed our earlier conclusion that there is not much here. For dinner we had all you can eat buffalo stew (pictures below).

Here we are eating buffalo stew for dinner (Mark Bazerman in front on the left, Win Westervelt, Brian Holsenbeck, Sandra White, and David Blair on the right):

Our dinner speaker (on the right) talked about the history of the region as David Blair (left) looks on. The talk concentrated on the tragic interactions between the Indians and the white men:
Dinner speaker