June 4, 1997

Interior, SD to White River, SD
73 miles

"If you find a piece of bark in your chili, you win a prize." [Aaron Huether, BAT staff, since the olives and onions used in the chili had been outside during the hail on Sunday - no one did find any, incidentally]

Today we cycled through rolling plains (which rolled more than we expected them to), with some headwinds but mostly crosswinds, over pavement which at times made the ride seem longer than it was. There wasn't much in the way of places to stop for food (a couple of mini-markets), so stocking up on PowerBars was critical. The sights were less striking than most days, so the number of pictures is way down from yesterday's high.

Today was the 25th day of 50, so we are halfway done in time. We have also ridden 1607 miles, which means we pass the halfway point in miles early tomorrow. And we crossed into Central Time.

Here is the terrain early in the ride:
Plains #1

Here is a local boy and his puppy, who we met at the Spispíza (prarie dog in some Indian language) mini-market (Kiko and Chuck Blair's legs in the background):
Local boy and his dog

Here is a shot later in the ride as Mark Bazerman rides by:
Plains #2