June 30, 1997, etc.

Washington, D.C. to Washington, D.C.
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To complete things, below are pictures from a couple of days worth of low-key sightseeing in Washington, D.C.

The Capitol, as seen from the Old Post Office building:
Capitol from Old Post Office

The Wright flyer, at the National Air and Space Museum:
Wright flyer

The Mercury Friendship 7 capsule (the one that John Glenn was in when he became the first American to orbit the Earth), also at the National Air & Space Museum:
Mercury Friendship 7

The X-1 that Chuck Yeager was in when he became the first to exceed the speed of sound, also at the NA&S Museum:

The Spirit of St. Louis, also at the NA&S Museum:
Spirit of St. Louis

The Apollo 11 command module (the one that went to the moon for the first moon walk in 1969), also at the NA&S Museum:
Apollo 11 command module

The White House (there seemed to be some sort of event going on involving motorcycle police and children wearing bicycle helmets):
White House

The Lincoln Memorial (which was hard to photograph without tourists blocking the shot):
Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument and reflecting pool as seen from the Lincoln Memorial:
Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial:
Vietnam War Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial and a close-up of the Declaration of Independence (in the background in the first of these two shots):
Jefferson Memorial

Declaration of Independence

The sitting room/library of our room at the Willard, from the bedroom:
Willard room (sitting)

The bedroom itself and the view:
Willard room (bedroom)

Willard room (view)

Two plaques outside the hotel, one noting that the Battle Hymn of the Republic was written there, and another noting a pre-Civil War meeting of the north and south there:
Willard plaque (Battle Hymn)

Willard plaque (Civil War)

And finally, the lobby of the Willard:
Willard lobby

[Note: There was filming for the movie Species 2 outside the hotel on the night of July 1st - actually closer to the Occidental Grill where we had dinner. The filming was scheduled to continue for a couple of days.]