June 28, 1997

Paw Paw, WV to Bluemont, VA
58 miles

"Civil war, apples, and Patsy Cline. That's about it." [Charles Weiss, summing up Winchester, VA]

Today was the second to last day of the trip, and the last day of hills. It was harder than I expected, but that was actually great. We started in Maryland (technically, since the camp was on the other side of the Potomac from Paw Paw), and ended in Virginia, passing through West Virginia in the middle. We all had lunch at various places in Winchester, VA, which has a great downtown for walking around.

We ended the day at the Bear Den Hostel near Bluemont and on the Appalachian Trail, with hosts Steve and Betsy. It is a great place for our final night.

We cross the Potomac River and enter West Virginia (Mark Bazerman is the only one in the latter picture because the posed group shot was lost when my camera ran out of batteries):
Potomac River

Welcome to West Virginia

We weren't in West Virginia very long (about an hour and a half), and this is the only picture I took:
West Virginia

We reach Virginia, whose sign has seen some combat action (Win Westervelt, Sandra White, Mark Bazerman, and Mike Weston):
Welcome to Virginia

Mark Bazerman next to Winchester's big apple:
Winchester, the big apple

Mark Bazerman, Charles Weiss (from the Winchester Chamber of Commerce, coincidentally), and Mike Weston, on the downtown mall in Winchester:
Downtown Winchester

This Jack Russell Terrier spends much of its time in a window on the downtown mall in Winchester (Mark Bazerman felt compelled to ask "How much is that doggy in the window?"):
Jack Russell

Three shots of the road from Winchester towards Bluemont, along highway 7:
Highway 7 #1

Highway 7 #2

Highway 7 #3

Several shots from an overlook near the hostel, with all but the first showing the sunset:

Overlook sunset #1

Overlook sunset #2

Overlook sunset #3

A group shot at the same overlook (crouching: Rob Christian; front: Win Westervelt, Mark Bazerman, Tsung-Pao Chien, Brian Holsenbeck, and Deb Klein; back: Sandra White, Mike Weston, David Wallace, Joanne Blair, Chuck Blair, and Ken Iobst):
Group shot

Our hosts at the Bear Den Hostel, Betsy and Steve:
Bety and Steve

[Today's pictures and text uploaded thanks to Steve and Betsy of the Bear Den Hostel near Bluemont, VA.]