June 26, 1997

Ohiopyle, PA to New Germany, MD
41 miles

"Quarters available upstairs." [sign in laundromat, but it was not true]

Overnight we had some unexpected rain. Many of us didn't have the rain flys on our tents, so we were all up in the middle of the night putting them on. Luckily the rain started pretty gradually so we had time. The fireflies were also much brighter right about that time, which almost made it worth waking up.

This morning we went down yesterday's killer hill, testing our brakes, and then we made our way to a wonderful Rails-to-Trails trail that led to the town of Confluence. After that we got back on the road, and eventually back onto highway 40. Around the time we got close to Grantsville, the rain returned. Most of us managed to stay out of the worst of it, some in a McDonald's and others in a deli. But the nice part was that it never got hot all day.

Along the trail to Confluence (Mark Bazerman):
Along the trail to Confluence

Kayakers in the river next to the trail:

We crossed the Mason-Dixon line:
Mason-Dixon Line

Strangely, this sign was not up, but was in this garage:

We leave Pennsylvania for Maryland:
Entering Maryland

Two pictures of the Maryland countryside, shortly before the rain started:
Maryland countryside #1

Maryland countryside #2