June 22, 1997

Willard, OH to Doylestown, OH
62 miles

"There's a lot of bad cole slaw out there." [Beth Wallace]

Today was a pretty easy day, although the last few miles were much hillier than anything we have seen in a couple of weeks, and that means that things are going to get tougher from here on out.

We finished the day at the home of David Blair's sister and brother-in-law in Doylestown. They have graciously let us camp in their yard, use their shower, and generally take over their house. After dinner some people made a trip to a nearby Borders bookstore, while others watched Marvin's Room on videotape.

Craig Short from Monrovia Maryland joined us tonight for the last seven days of the trip.

There doesn't appear to much in Lodi (actually, this is just a badly placed sign - there are a couple of blocks of actual downtown to Lodi):
Lodi Town Center

Along the road outside Lodi:
Outside Lodi

In Burbank I met a Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie, which is interesting because I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie, who is much cuter in my humble opinion:

Along a small country road:
Country road

Chuck Blair models a Cleveland Indians batting helmet (talking to Mark Bazerman):
Now batting for Cleveland...

A well-decorated cemetary near Rittman:

Mark Bazerman plays the piano before dinner:
Mark at the piano

Dinner at a nearby church:

The Blair family (front: Joanne, Daniel, and Sherry, back: Nancy, Chuck, Todd, and David Douglas):
Blair family

[Today's pictures and text uploaded thanks to Nancy (David Blair's sister) and Sherman of Doylestown, OH.]