June 2, 1997

Custer, SD to Rapid City, SD
42 miles

"You could fit a five story house inside the nostril." [from the film at the Crazy Horse Memorial, referring to the nostrils of the as-yet uncarved horse]

Today was a day for sightseeing and severe weather. The former was primarily Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore. The latter was some warning lightning which erupted into heavy rain (2 inches) and very heavy wind while most of us where running errands in town. A few of us ended up in a motel as a result, although I am among them only because of my general allergy to camping.

Crazy Horse Memorial from a distance (hard to make out) and from the visitor center (scale model of final plan in foreground, real thing taking shape in the distance on the right):
Crazy Horse from a distance

Crazy Horse from the visitor center

Random picture of the Black Hills:
Black Hills

The back of Mount Rushmore (two shots):
Back of Mount Rushmore #1

Back of Mount Rushmore #2

Some mountain goats:
Mountain goats

Several shots of Mount Rushmore, the last of which with Mike Weston and Mark Bazerman:
Mount Rushmore #1

Mount Rushmore #2

Mount Rushmore with Mike and Mark

The Black Hills with the Great Plains in the distance:
Black Hills and the Great Plains

Mark Bazerman rides the jackalope:
Mark and the Jackalope

One tent suffered a compound fracture due to the storm (Brian Holsenbeck smiles because this isn't his tent, yet his only faired slightly better):
Storm damage