June 19, 1997

Huntington, IN to Van Buren, OH
118 miles

"Could you put your helmet back on, please, Mark?" [Deb Klein to Mark Bazerman, requesting that he cover his mohawk while David Blair took a picture with her camera]

Today was the last scheduled century of the trip, and turned out to be the longest ride in distance, but not the hardest (my average speed while actually pedalling was 18.9mph). We had generally favorable winds and generally good pavement (except for one stretch of I-30 which we had to use as a detour because a bridge was out on highway 224). Everyone finished the ride. We passed into Ohio and finally into the Eastern Time Zone.

One last Indiana shot:

We left Indiana for Ohio, with Mark showing off his haircut in this shot but not the one on Deb's camera - note the zero mile marker on top must be to help people from Indiana figure out that this is the border (Mark Bazerman, Deb Klein, Mike Weston):
Crossing the border

Mark takes his first picture in Ohio:
Ohio field w/ Mark

Our first sighting of grain (wheat, according to Neil who wrote me with corrections):

Mark Bazerman gets his kicks on (Ohio North) Route 66:
Route 66

Two shots of the twin-spired church in Ottoville:
Ottoville church #1

Ottoville church #2

More Ohio landscape:
More Ohio