June 18, 1997

Winamac, IN to Huntington, IN
72 miles

"I got five mosquitos in one swat!" [Mike Weston, at the point just before he went over the edge, and just before he repeated the same feat on the other leg]

[Warning: Attitude ahead...]

If you are considering going on Bike America Tours 1998, try really hard to convince David Blair not to stay at the Tippecanoe River State Park near Winamac. If you are unsuccessful, make your reservations now at the Indian Head Motel (the only lodging in Winamac, which was full last night). At no time should you enter the park.

I was eaten alive by mosquitos this morning, leaving before anyone else for the first time on the trip. I wish I had had time to take a picture of Win Westervelt wearing his mosquito netting hood, but I didn't even slow down enough to collect my Diet Coke, so you know I was in a hurry. I had breakfast at McDonald's, where I never eat normally, and I averaged over 18mph getting there.

[End ranting]

Today was a fairly easy ride, with several nice towns (Rochester, Akron, and North Manchester) along the way. We got a few short hills to break up the monotonous flatness that we have seen since we left Iowa, and for a change we all get indoor accommodations tonight at the Good Shepard Retreat. We keep thinking that we're about to be on Eastern Time (the maps say we should be), but as of tonight we're still in Central (according to the people who live here, who are the ones who matter).

Here is downtown North Manchester, where most of us had lunch:
Downtown North Manchester

The farmland looked pretty similar to yesterday, so I decided to take a few pictures of barns and houses:

House #1

House #2

Apparently, Huntington is home to Dan Quayle, so maybe we should have a potatoe for dinner:
Potatoe salad anyone?

And here is Mark Bazerman, with mohawk, in front of the Good Shepard Church and Retreat, where we will be spending the night:
Good Shepard Retreat

[Today's and the previous three day's pictures and text uploaded thanks to the Good Shepard Retreat in Huntington, IN.]