June 17, 1997

Bourbonnais, IL to Winamac, IN
78 miles

"If it weren't for the trucks, this would be a boring ride." [Mark Bazerman]

Today we wended our way out of the Kankakee metropolitan area and onto the backroads. We left Illinois and entered Indiana, not that this fact was well signed (see picture below). We encountered many oversized pieces of pre-fabricated houses going down the road, thankfully almost always in the opposite direction. And at the end of the ride we all got to give our mosquito repellants a really good test.

Illinois cornfield:
Illinois cornfield

More cornfield, with David Wallace and Tsung-Pao Chien:
Cornfield and riders

We enter Indiana, which did not seem to have the usual welcome sign (this 0 mile marker between Mark Bazerman and Mike Weston was the best we could find):
Minimalist welcome

Various people (mostly Rob Christian) attempt to fix Tsung-Pao Chien's front shifter:
Bike repair

Indiana cornfield:
Indiana cornfield

Mike Weston computes in the laundromat (no phone line, but at least there's power):
At least there's power