June 15, 1997

Morrison, IL to Utica, IL
83 or so miles (there were almost as many routes as riders)

"This can't be a real town - I don't see a water tower." [Mike Weston]

There was plenty of wind today. The first 20 miles were into the wind, and the rest of the ride was mostly crosswinds. We passed through many towns, but it seemed like most things were closed except for the bars.

The end of the ride was an exercise in figuring out what David D. Blair intended, so we ended up with various routes and mileages, most of which we would have a tough time repeating.

Tonight we are expecting thunderstorms with a very small chance of tornadoes, so if you are reading this, it means we survived.

Here are the first published pictures of Mark Bazerman's haircut (note Deb Klein's and Brian Holsenbeck's reactions):
Mark's hair #1

Mark's hair #2

The Bike America group (front: Win Westervelt (with Kiko), Mark Bazerman, Deb Klein, Mike Weston, Rob Christian, and Sandra White, back: Tsung-Pao Chien, Aaron, Kelly (holding sign), Brian Holsenbeck (helmet), David Wallace, and Chuck Blair, very back: David Douglas Blair):
BAT group

The Illinois countryside:
Illinois countryside

The flags show the wind today:
Wind blown flags

We apparently rode a really long way today:

Mark Bazerman shaves his head, using the rearview mirror on his bicycle:
Mark shaves