June 14, 1997

Morrison, IL to Morrison, IL
0 miles

While the group was staying in Morrison, Connie and I were in Chicago, which was new to both of us. The only pictures below are from our trip up the Sears Tower, which required waiting in about six lines by the time we re-emerged at street level, but is probably worth doing once if you are there and have some time.

Meanwhile back in Morrison, Mark Bazerman's hair was being radically altered by Win Westervelt. Pictures of that will have to wait until tomorrow's entry (which may not be posted promptly due to stays in state parks).

We spent Saturday night at the Hillendale Bed & Breakfast in Morrison, whose owners (Barb and Mike Winandy) have travelled everywhere you can imagine. They are really interesting to talk to.

Sears Tower, looking south:

Sears Tower, looking east:

Sears Tower, looking north (out and down):

North (down)

Sears Tower, looking west (out and down):

West (down)

[These pictures uploaded thanks to the Hillendale B&B in Morrison, IL, 815/772-3454.]