June 12, 1997

Vinton, IA to Anamosa, IA
55 miles

"What do you think this is?" [Mike Weston to Mark Bazerman, handing him a piece of what turned out to be part of Mike's tooth, in Urbana, IA]

With the exception of one of my teeth falling apart and the imminent arrival of my girlfriend, today was a pretty short and uneventful day. There was light drizzle during breakfast, but it stopped before most of us started riding. At the first short stop in Urbana, I bought a bagel which turned out to be very stale, and while eating it heard a crunch, which as you have figured out by now was part of one of my teeth (the bagel wasn't that stale - the tooth must have been ready to go). Five miles later in Center Point I told David Blair about it, and then around the next turn there was a dentist office, which I took to be a sign, so I stopped in. They fit me into their schedule, took a look, and did a temporary patch which should hold me until I return to California, and they did this without charge (more below). We next stopped in Central City for lunch, and found the best milkshakes of the trip so far (more below).

I am spending the night at a great B&B here in Anamosa called the Shaw House, named for a colonel during the Civil War era, while the rest of the group is at Wapsipinicon State Park.

Here is Brian Holsenbeck's shoe in the garbage (see yesterday's quote of the day), below the morning's route instructions:
The other shoe drops

Here is a large house just outside Vinton, complete with Christmas scene:
Vinton house

Mike talks to the dental assistant in Center Point, IA:

Philip Andersen examines the broken tooth:
Dr. Andersen

If you ever need a dentist in or near Center Point, IA, I recommend Philip Andersen (319/849-1171):
Dental office

Sherry (left) makes the best milkshakes we have had on the trip so far, at Sue's Filling Station in Central City, IA (Mark Bazerman on right):

Here is my room, the view, and two exterior views of the wonderful Shaw House Bed and Breakfast:
Shaw House room

Shaw House view

Shaw House exterior #1

Shaw House exterior #2

[This day's pictures and text uploaded thanks to Connie and Andy, owners of the Shaw House B&B in Anamosa, IA, 319/462-4485.]