June 11, 1997

Story City, IA to Vinton, IA
87 miles

"Why is there one shoe tied up on the back of the van?" [Mark Bazerman to Chuck Blair and Brian Holsenbeck, the latter of whom had indeed lost a shoe]

Today was a good day, at least for me. The winds were basically calm, and after drinking some chocolate milk Mark Bazerman offered me, I started to feel really strong. I found myself riding up a slight incline at 20mph. At the end of the ride I found myself riding almost that fast in gravel (which was stupid), trying to outrun a small dog. We got some rain at the end of the day (0.18 inches in Vinton according to tonight's news), so we went into town to eat pizza, wash laundry, and watch the NBA finals.

Here is Win Westevelt and Dave from the Riverside Bible Camp staff, at the Retreat Center:
Riverside Bible Camp

Here is another Iowa hog farm:
Hog farm

Typical Iowa scene:

I've been looking for a shot I could title "Tractors in the Dust," but this is the best I've got so far:
Tractor in the dust

Here I am eating licorice after the ride, which might have special meaning to people back at work: