June 10, 1997

Lake View, IA to Story City, IA
87 miles

"If it weren't for yesterday, I'd say it was windy." [Mark Bazerman]

Today was definitely easier than yesterday, and more enjoyable as well. It was flatter and the wind was coming from the southeast instead of directly from the east. We stopped in Lohrville, where I bought some emu strips for later (see picture), and we had lunch in Dayton (Iowa, not Ohio). Just after lunch was a surprise descent and steep ascent, due to the Des Moines River. We are spending the night at a bible camp in Story City, which in this case means that we have a roof over our head.

Blackhawk Lake in the morning, before we started riding and before the wind started:
Blackhawk Lake

A picture attempting to show the wind:
Wind #1

Our Place in Dayton, IA, where we had lunch (Mark Bazerman, Deb Klein, Win Westervelt, Chuck Blair (leaning over), Loretta Sandholm, and Gary Sandholm (who we met and were very familiar with bicycling and RAGBRAI):
Our Place

More wind evidence (you really need video and audio for this):
Wind #2

Live bait vending machine in Stratford, and a close-up of the choices:
Live bait

Live bait (close-up)

A pig farm which may or may not have enough detail to make out:
Pig farm

Mike Weston at the end of his ride but before his shower, about to enjoy an emu strip (ingredients are emu, water, salt, sugar, spices, citrc acid, garlic powder, flavorings, smoke flavoring, etc.):

[This day and the previous two day's pictures and text uploaded thanks to the Riverside Bible Camp, Story City, IA.]