June 1, 1997

Gillette, WY to Custer, SD
114 miles

"Why were you doing pull-ups?" [Rob Christian]
"Because I can't even pump up my tires." [Sandra White]

"I'm going to go hide in the bathroom." [Brian Holsenbeck, near the end of the thunderstorm, because it was drier and warmer there]

Today was pretty easy, at least considering that it was the longest day of the trip. Through lunch in Newcastle, WY we were all making great time due to predominant tailwinds. The rest of the ride after that was harder, but I still averaged 17.8mph for the whole day (only calculated while actually riding). During this harder section we entered South Dakota and the Black Hills.

After we set up our tents and while we were eating dinner, we had a strong but short thunderstorm, including hail the size of large marbles.

Tomorrow we have a short day so that we can do some sightseeing, hopefully including Mount Rushmore.

A view during the morning:

A couple of shots related to passing through Weston County (my last name):
Weston County

Weston Inn Motel

We leave Wyoming and enter South Dakota (Deb Klein, Sandra White (leaning over), Win Westervelt, Rob Christian, Mark Bazerman, and Mike Weston):
Entering South Dakota

A picture of the Black Hills:
Black Hills

[Today's pictures and text uploaded thanks to the Big Pine Campground in Custer, SD.]