On August 3, 1997, my brother Mark, his wife Amy, my father, my girlfriend Connie, and I hiked to the Wind Cave, which is located in Darby Canyon in Wyoming.

An interesting rock (Connie thinks it looks like a slab of sushi):
Interesting rock

The Wind Cave from a distance:
Wind Cave from a distance

The waterfall below the Wind Cave:
Waterfall below the cave

The Wind Cave itself:
Wind Cave

From inside the Wind Cave, looking up and out (that's a tree growing on the side of the opening):
Looking up and out

Looking into the cave from near the opening (the person is not from our group):
Looking into the cave

Looking out, with my brother Mark entering the cave and water flowing out:
Looking out

Looking out from deeper in the cave, with the camera's flash illuminating the near wall and the outside light illuminating the far wall:
Looking out from deeper in the cave

Connie at the back of the cave (the small opening apparently leads to a system of caves over 2 miles long, connecting to the Ice Cave, and is also the sole source of the wind for which the cave is named):
Connie at the back of the cave

Connie from behind the waterfall, looking out:
Connie from behind the waterfall