On July 30, 1997, six people all with the last name of Weston went on a hike. But this was no ordinary hike. This was a hike to Table Mountain, known as Table Rock to the locals. The pictures tell the story.

Grand Teton, as seen from our cabin before we left in the morning:
Grand Teton from cabin

The trailhead (this is the longest 6 miles anyone is likely to hike, with over 4000' of elevation gain ending at 11,106', with tons of rocks to walk over -- and I should mention it's 12 miles round trip):

The group at the start of the hike (Mike, Shaleen, Mark, Dennis (partially obscured), Amy, and Ron):
Group before shot

Scenery early in the hike:
Early scenery

Partway up "the switchbacks" that go from the valley up to the ridge -- this looks back down the way we came:
Switchbacks looking down

This shot is from the same place, looking towards Grand Teton (just to the left of some trees) and Table Rock (to the right of the same trees):
Switchbacks looking forward

Higher up the switchbacks, looking down again:
Higher switchbacks looking down

From the same spot, with the Tetons on the left and Table Rock near the center (at the end of a rising ridge):
Switchbacks looking forward

The Tetons from the top of Table Rock (finally!):
The Tetons from the top

Another shot from the top, just to the left of the previous one:
Shift left

Looking down from the top, with the ridge stretching back and to the right (this really doesn't do justice in showing how steep the final climb was):
Looking down from the top

This is a similar shot, but looking out more and showing better how we got to the top along a ridge (at the end of which lie the switchbacks):
Looking down and back

This glider (N11PX) flew close by Table Rock several times while I was there:

Shaleen and Dennis at the top:
Shaleen and Dennis

Amy and Mark at the top (also Dennis to their left and Shaleen in the background):
Amy and Mark

Mike and Ron at the top (I'm told that my hair was only like this due to the wind, and that it wasn't like this all day):
Mike and Ron

The one picture I took on the hike down was of this rushing stream:
Rushing stream