My father, my girlfriend Connie, and I hiked up to the top of Peaked Peak (9827') at Grand Targhee Resort on August 9, 1997. The last part of this hike was cross-country (without a trail).

This shot of the Tetons shows Table Rock well, between the Grand and Middle Tetons:
Tetons and Table Rock

This shot shows the canyon created by the south fork of Teton Creek, which was the site of the Devil's Stairs hike:
South fork of Teton Creek

Connie rests before the descent, with Driggs in the background:
Connie above Driggs

This is a good shot of the Tetons, although Table Rock is hard to see in front of Middle Teton:

Here is glider N11PX, from Teton Aviation Center, previously seen at Table Rock:
Glider N11PX

This was a strange little depression we saw on the way down: