My girlfriend Connie and I took a scenic/instructional flight on August 8, 1997, with Steve Phillips of Teton Aviation Center (800/472-6382), at the Driggs airport in Idaho. They also do glider flights (one of their gliders was seen at both Table Rock and Peaked Peak) and instruction.

We decided to do it as an instructional flight because that gave Connie a chance to see what it was like to fly a plane (she got her first 0.9 hours), and also because it was actually cheaper than doing it as a purely scenic flight.

Connie and the airplane, a Cessna 172XP:
Connie and the airplane

Connie at the controls:
Connie at the controls

Downtown Victor (about 8 miles south of Driggs, and location of Pierre's Playhouse):
Downtown Victor

Darby Canyon, site of the Wind Cave:
Darby Canyon

Table Rock:
Table Rock

This shot has Table Rock near the bottom (with the trail leading up to it on the bottom right), and (I think) South Teton in the middle at the top:
Table Rock and South Teton

Grand Teton under the wing:
Grand Teton under the wing

A glacier with a glacial lake:
Glacial stuff

The Tetons again, this time out of the left window:
Tetons on the left

I don't remember if there was a particular reason for this shot, but it was too pretty to leave out:

Our altitude at this point is 12,400' (and that's Steve Phillips on the right):

Grand Targhee Resort is on the left, and the top of the chair lift is on the right:

I think the farm my father grew up on is in this picture, a little left and below center:
The farm?

Downtown Driggs:
Downtown Driggs

Here we are on the downwind leg of our approach to land, with the runway on the right (and extending beyond the right edge of the picture):
Downwind leg of approach to land