My father, my girlfriend Connie, and I hiked along the South Fork of Teton Creek and up the Devil's Stairs on August 6, 1997.

The sign at the trailhead (the trail up the Devil's Stairs starts at 2.7 miles):

From the top of the Devil's Stairs you can see Table Mountain (aka Table Rock) on the left:
Table Rock view

More scenery from the top (the peak in the middle of the first shot might be South Teton):
From the top #1 (possibly with South Teton)

From the top #2

From the top #3

A small lake near the top, with a rock island and (to its left) a "tree island":
Small lake

Looking down the steep section (note the switchbacks):
Looking down

Looking down the Devil's Stairs:
Looking down Devil's Stairs

Looking back up the Devil's Stairs:
Looking back up

Two shots of Teton Creek from near the start/end point of the hike:
South Fork of Teton Creek

Rushing water