On February 26, 1998, I made my first flight through San Francisco airspace (class B) without an instructor along. I made some minor mistakes (for example, I learned that "remain west of highway 101" also means "but not too far away from 101", and I transmitted on the wrong frequency once), but on the whole the flight went well. The plane was N747ZP, which has a brand new engine (under 20 hours), so I was instructed to fly at full or close to full throttle as much as possible, and to stay at 5000' or below.

The destination was Petaluma, mostly because it is over 50 miles away from my starting airport (and thus qualifies for "cross-country"), and because I've been waiting for weather good enough to try going through San Francisco's class B. I had a nice grilled chicken sandwich at the Two-Niner Diner (named for runway 29), right at the airport. I think this qualifies as the infamous "$100 hamburger" (just about what it cost including the plane rental).

Here are two views of downtown San Francisco:
San Francisco downtown #1

San Francisco downtown #2

Here is a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge:
Golden Gate Bridge

And here is San Francisco Airport from about 2000' and just west of highway 101:
San Francisco Airport