If you do try flying and you are in the market for a headset, you should seriously consider David Clark. They were very kind to me when I impulsively bought the wrong model, which I returned for the H10-13XL (which has electronic noise cancellation).

When you're ready to study for the written test, I recommend the Gleimbooks and software. I have used the Private Pilot Written Exam and Instrument Pilot Written Exam books and software and got 97% and 100% on the tests. Note that the software is an ugly MS-DOS character-based dinosaur, but then again that's what you're going to see when you take the real test. [A new 32-bit Windows version apparently came out recently, but I have not seen it personally.]

I got a Garmin GPSMAP-195 handheld GPS in 1998. I haven't had a chance to learn all of it's features, but I have found it extremely useful when flying to airports I am unfamiliar with, such as in Hawaii.

Here are a preflight checklist and regular checklist for the Cessna 152. If you have a browser which supports frames and JavaScript, try this weight and balance calculator. Cessna 172 preflight and regular checklists and weight and balance are also available, as is a Cessna 182 weight and balance calculator (no checklists yet). Finally, here is a weight and balance calculator for a Piper Warrior (no checklists).