The Mikado set design

The Stanford Savoyards, 1992

This is my first set design, and we had a great gang working on it. It was one of the most immensely creative and satisfying times in my life (although it would behoove me to remember that in the two weeks before the show, I lost seven pounds, just through sheer nervous energy). Major thanks to Dave S., not-TD extraordinaire, who kept the shop rolling and catered to my artistic whims.


Act I.
Elizabeth painted the wonderful image of Mt. Fuji for a prior production. The rest was my design, executed by me and
talented techies and artists. (We named the rocks. Things like this happen when creative, silly people congregate.)



Act II: The dressing on either side of the door in back are not in place yet.

The gang. Note the Makita shirts. I borrowed the scrolls from my Mom.
We bought them in Japan when I was a child.

Act I
Cranes on upstage gate

Act II
Floral arrangement and scroll

Act II
Pine tree on stage right doors

Above, someone aimed a camera at me. My whole face was covered,
since I was spray-painting the door with the pine tree gold, so I
mugged it up. But it pretty much encapsulates how I felt about
this show, in spite of the exhaustion.

Right, during load-in. I love the picture of me and Craig, but was so
busy that I have absolutely no memory of anyone taking it. Glad they did,
though. (And I did wear other shirts at times.) I think someone once
painted a happy face on my knee through those jeans


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