Set design mock-up for The Mikado

The concept was the director, Don Tull's. The set would have three rows of sliding panels suspended from the ceiling. Cast members and techies would move them at prescribed times. Behind the rows of panels was a platform with more sliding panels (I chose shoji doors). And behind the shoji doors were more panels, with a two-headed dragon.

Shoji doors and masking flats behind the sliding panels.


The shoji doors slid open to reveal a dragon. The final dragon had two heads, but this was a conceptual version.

Live pictures

David P. as Pooh-Bah

Kim M. as Katisha with Mark Blattel as a terrified KoKo (he seems to take
on the athletic roles where he ends up on the floor).

Kim M. as Katisha.

Mike Cuddy in the title role.

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